Real Estate Sign Light-SINGLE SIDE

Bright White
Jet Black

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    enlogik’s “Real Estate Sign Light- SINGLE SIDE” is a completely automatic solar powered led light for the illumination of billboard-style Real Estate signs. A wide beam of soft diffused light is automatically casted on a single sided sign in order to allow extended hours of marketing and exposure for the property, developer, construction company and/or agent. As the sun goes down, the integrated photocell triggers the led modules to illuminate. For the next 8 hours, the sign is completely illuminated in a soft discreet light which catches the attention of consumers while respecting the neighbors, community and the environment. The unit features a high-efficiency solar panel and lithium battery technologies, allowing true autonomous functionality with more than 3 days of reserve power. To further clarify, the unit fully charges in 5-6 hours of sunlight and will run for 3 consecutive nights without further sunlight, accounting for cloudy or rainy days. In addition, the Solar Sign Light was designed as a weather resistant low profile illumination device for billboard-style signs of almost any size. These specifications far exceed any other solution in the market today and ensure reliable operation for years to come.