1. Get a friend or colleague to help you and hold your cell phone or camera.
  2. Alternately, a tripod with a phone holder is ideal for shooting a testimonial and your video blog post.
  3. Set your video camera to record in 4k if available or HD 1080p.
  4. Hold or set your camera in wide mode (horizontal).
  5. Make sure you are not backlit.
  6. Find an angle that faces your principal light source (sun).
  7. Rotate to find a comfortable angle were you are not squinting.
  8. Set up your camera about 3-4ft away.
  9. Frame your shot as a portrait where the top of your head barley touches the top of the frame and the bottom of your frame is above the waist. See samples on our site.

  10. Include your sign if possible to benefit from our social media distribution.
  11. Speak loudly and confidently so that your audio will be loud and strong in the recording.
  12. Upload your video/pics to our dropbox.
  13. Client Dropbox