A fully automatic, solar powered, lighting device for illuminating real estate signs shortly after the sun sets and through the night.

Many people work late, leave their homes early in the morning and much of their off-time is in the evening.  In addition, during the fall, winter and early spring seasons, some parts of the country are dark by 4:30 pm. As far as we are concerned, extremely valuable curbside marketing time is lost by real estate signs that cannot be seen at night.

Here in Miami, the afternoon commute home starts at around 3:30 pm and peaks between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. The morning commute starts at around 5:00 am. This is an extremely valuable segment of the home buying market and they frequently drive past your listing and your brand without noticing it. We created the Real Estate Sign Light to change all that.

Everybody!!! Most people work a "9 to 5" and are forced to preview homes late in the afternoon or early evening. Moreover, a consumer who is on the hunt for their next home will scour a neighborhood well into the night searching for that perfect house.

Yes!!! While the average consumer driving past your listing may not be shopping for a home, but the fact that they glance at your illuminated sign and consciously or unconsciously read and absorb your name, company name and image, contributes to your brand awareness and value. Another factor you should consider… YOU are reading this and that means you are one of the first to be exposed to the Real Estate Sign Light. You will undoubtedly be one of the first in the country to use illuminated signs before it quickly becomes an industry standard.

Absolutely and we guarantee it! But the biggest benefit is the impact to you professionally. Imagine that beautiful street in your market where several top producers have active listings and your sign is the only one that stands out like a beacon in the night. Lighting up your sign with the Real Estate Sign Light makes the old adage- "Standing out in a crowd" an understatement!

First, we designed it from the ground up for the specific application of lighting up 2 sided real estate signs. We had dozens of designs including a fully lighted post. However, we did not want to upset the traditional "Real Estate Sign" ethos. We ultimately decided that we wanted to come up with a solution that could easily integrate into the existing inventory of millions of signs and the posts that display them. So, our first unit is what we consider to be the "Universal Model" which will fit virtually any signpost up to the most widely used material of a 4" X 4" pressure treated lumber. 

The Real Estate Sign light is designed to cast a soft discreet light across the whole sign. We have included 3 brightness modes to accommodate different size signs and different colored signs. In general darker signs absorb more light and may require a brighter setting.

The STANDARD was designed for  signs up to 24" and the PLUS was designed for large signs in the 36" range.

We have taken great care to limit the overall brightness of our lights as to comply with city ordinances, Department of Transportation and most home owners associations around the country. Our lights do not strobe, flash or change colors which has allowed universal acceptance.

You don't! It is powered by the sun. It charges it's onboard battery pack during the day and runs off of that stored energy during the night... EVERY NIGHT!

Yes! In fact, it is the most important consideration when installing your Real Estate Sign Light. It is of paramount importance that you install your post away from any trees or cover. If you use a post installation service advise them that you are using the Real Estate Sign Light and to please install your post away from any obstructions.

The only thing that really matters is that it really needs to function. Day in, day out the enlogik Real Estate Sign Light has to work reliably. To date, our competitors and the consumer solar market is filled with all kinds of small lights and devices that simply do not work or are not bright enough. We set out to design a commercial quality 100% solar product that would illuminate a 24" X 24" sign in various lighting conditions and illuminate that sign until sunrise without any loss in power or brightness. It had to achieve this goal every day, consistently with little or no degradation in performance. Because we have a significant amount of experience building commercial solar street lighting solutions, this tall order was right up our alley.

A single solid unit that fits a wide variety of post sizes which contains our solar/battery/led secret sauce that delivers on our goal of- "It just works"!

Our Mission Statement says it all.

Design and build a solar lighting device that-

• Fits any signpost

• Easy to install

• Easy to operate

• Is fully automatic with dusk to dawn operation

• has a timer option for municipalities that require a "lights out" after 10 pm

• Illuminates a real estate sign evenly with soft bright light

• Stays on all night without fail

• Works day in/ day out

• Works through rain and snow*

• Is backed up by a great warranty

• Is supported by great customer service

Any solar device is dependent on the sun in order to generate power. As we all know, it rains and snows and sometimes it's just cloudy for a couple of days. Under these conditions, it may become impossible for the Real Estate Sign Light to generate power. We built a 3-day reserve power into our units in order to overcome these conditions. That being said, it is absolutely nessasary for the solar panel to be clear of any obstruction for proper operation. So, for all you guys in the North, you will have to keep that panel clear of snow during the winter months.

We use a specific Lithium-ion battery chemistry that provides that extended reserve power. In fact, our battery is of premium quality and designed to be charged and discharged without failure.

Yes, no problem. Center it on top of the post and screw in the supplied security screws.

Yep... and your 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and 3.5" wood, PVC or metal post.

Yes, of course, it fits a 4" X 4" pressure treated lumber. However, you need to know that any 4" X 4" labeled lumber in North America is actually 3.5" X 3.5". Our design will accommodate this material even with several coats of paint applied.

We recommend you attach your rider under your main sign but do offer the RESL-Rider Kit which allows you to mount your rider on the top arm of your signpost and clear the height of the device. You will have to take additional care when choosing your sign installation position to optimize exposure to direct sunlight. 

Absolutely, our new single sided sign light is perfect for illuminating large billboard style signs. We recommned you use 1 unit for every 3-4 feet of sign.

Yes, it takes 60 seconds! Simply remove the Real Estate Sign Light from its shipping container, align to the center of the post and secure with the included security screws. We do recommend you read the instruction manual thoroughly to ensure a successful install.

We include security screws which require a special tool to install and remove. Also, one of our design goals was to design an application specific device. The added benefit of this strategy was that it would render the unit unusable for most any other purpose. While true that it is a solar light, and that in itself is very usable, its odd shape and dependency on a post for mounting make it awkward for home use. 

Real Estate Sign Light comes partially charged from the factory. After you install it on the post, use the included pin tool to insert it into pinhole next to the sun icon on the underside of the unit to activate the Dusk to Dawn mode. Gently depress the tool to select low (default), medium or high LED brightness and that's it. Set it and forget it!

Insert pin tool into the pinhole with the clock icon. Gently depress the tool to select this option and the light will turn off 5 hours after dusk.

Absolutely! Simply remove your unit form the post and move it to the next. You should easily enjoy several years of use and re-use.

Yes, while our battery is rated to last for several years there are many factors like extreme temperatures that can contribute to the overall longevity of the battery. The enlogik battery pack is user replaceable and is sold on our website.

Very! Every component selected and every manufacturing process implemented is designed for long-term reliable operation. In addition, we run all our products through a rigorous quality control routine. For the past 7 years, we have been successful by making sure that every product that leaves the factory is thoroughly tested. We believe that It's cheaper to deliver a superior product then the cost of a return or an upset customer.

The enclosure is made from a premium ABS plastic formulation with UV additives so that the material does not warp, become brittle or change color in direct sunlight.

Yes... is fully water resistant. The Real Estate Sign Light is certified IP64 which makes it a completely watertight and impervious to moisture and dust.

Bright white... and since you are asking I know you want the specific color- 5500k

Well, we truly don't believe we have any real competitors. Sure you can scour the internet and even your hardware store and find all kinds of solar lighting products but we are yet to find one from a reputable source that actually delivers on illuminating your sign adequately or reliably.

Remember, the Real Estate Sign Light was designed from the ground up to light up real estate signs. It is a commercial grade device designed for professional agents around the world who do not have the time nor would risk their brand and reputation with cheap imported products or improvised garden light rigs that ultimately do not work.

Well, its a tough well made product that was developed for real estate agents! We spent a lot of time money and effort to develop, design and manufacture an exceptional product that really delivers and impacts your business. We have also worked tirelessly to deliver that product at a reasonable cost.

Yes, we know real estate agents and appreciate your time. You guys intimately know marketing and we know that we better deliver on our claims. More importantly, lighting up your sign better bring you more eyeballs. Buying and using the Real Estate Sign Light will set you apart from your competitors and greatly contribute to your brand and to getting more listings.

Right now they are on sale for $70 bucks.

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