Real Estate Sign Light

My name is Carlos Prio, founder of enlogik and the lead designer of our new product- The Real Estate Sign Light. We put this site together and designed it specifically for real estate agents and brokers so that you could easily order your lights. We are owned and operated by enlogik- ENERGY INTELLIGENCE™ an 9-year-old company who specializes in developing and manufacturing commercial-grade solar and LED solutions for governmental and construction applications. We bring our experience and know-how to this incredible device that will undoubtedly impact your business.



We are a fresh innovative renewable energy company located in Miami, Florida whose main mission is to design and build Solar, LED and lithium battery solutions with integrated Energy Management Systems that are smart grid compatible. We are made up of a team of Multi-National technology freaks that are fanatical about energy efficiency and conserving through smart energy management. You can be assured that the software and hardware produced by enlogik™ have been developed, designed and manufactured to exacting specifications and will deliver on the promise and specifications listed. We may not be the cheapest product or solution but we are most definitely the very best for the money!!!

Some things you should know about us-

  • We are enlogik™ the solar, LED, battery and energy management system experts!!!
  • We love designing and programming innovative software.
  • We love building quality products.
  • We love building intelligent products.
  • We love giving back to the communities we serve by building small self-contained energy systems and donating them to rural families.
  • We are headquartered in Miami, Florida US with principal offices in Boston and Canada and satellite sales offices in Panama, Chile, Colombia and Peru
  • We are geeks!!! However, since we are in Miami we all think we are cool geeks!
  • Our staff is made up of designers, engineers, programmers, architects and a principal dreamer. No Lawyers! Well, not true… we have one pretty crazy one.
  • Multi-National Staff- US, Cuba, China, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Canada, Peru, Germany, Spain, Venezuela and many more...
  • We love international clients and shipping our products all over the world!
  • We sell to the consumers, contractors, property managers, utilities, municipalities, and governments.
  • We sell "Wholesale" through our Authorized Distributors.
  • We sell by the bulb, box, case, pallet or container(s).
  • We accept AMEX, VISA, MC, and Wire Transfers.